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Golden Age Yoga (Yoga for elderly, subsidized classes) with Sheila Kennard (to book 027 364 4714)



Yoga For Emotional and Mental Wellbeing with Debora (to book 0211858795)


Yoga For Men with Debora (to book 021 185 8795)


Yin Yoga with Debora (to book 021 185 8795) 

Yoga Equipment


Your investment to inner peace.

Bay Yoga is a not-for-profit community organisation and most of the fee you pay goes directly to the teacher. 

Drop In Class                       $15

5 Class Pass                        $65

10 Class Pass                      $120

**Half Price

Yoga Classes: Classes

Yoga Class Descriptions

All of our classes are suitable for everyone.
If you are new to yoga, pregnant, injured or ill (and non-contagious) you are very welcome here, please inform your teacher prior to the start of class.

Restorative Vinyasa Yoga

Restorative Vinyasa Yoga classes links movement and breath together in a creative flow, soothing for the lower back, shoulders, building heat, strength and flexibility in the body. 

Different themes, focusses and philosophies are interwoven into the classes to keep the physical practice interesting and informative. 


Community Vinyasa Class

Golden Age Yoga

A yoga class for golden aged folk or for those who may wish to explore yoga in an easy and accessible way, guided by the amazing teacher Sheila Kennard. This is a chair yoga class, designed to help with balance, strength, stability and a good dose of fun.


Acro Classes For Teenagers

Build interpersonal skills, body awareness and strength in body and min while having fun.

In these classes there will be lots of games, strength exercise and play.

Many exercises are done in partnership and will involve building trust, communication skills and self-awareness. 

Gentle Stretch Yoga

Hatha Yoga encompasses all types of Yoga. There is a combination of postures: standing, seated, twists, forward and backward bends.We gently find our way into these shapes to find alignment and energy movement in the body. Through this practice we build strength and flexibility. By tuning into our breath we become aware of how our bodies feel and therefore understand what exercise is best for our body on the day. Regular practice can improve posture, help to ease pain and be beneficial for back care. It can assist in letting go of stress and promoting better sleep. Ha means Sun and Tha means Moon, so practicing Hatha Yoga balances the sun (male) and the moon (female)energies in our bodies. Each class finishes with a resting posture to integrate the class. Here, we learn to relax completely. Afterward the body and mind feel rested, relaxed and have renewed energy.

Ashtanga Yoga

Described by many as the most dynamic form of yoga, Ashtanga Yoga postures focus on the detoxification of organs and tissues whilst increasing strength and flexibility overall. 

Despite the dynamic nature of this yoga, it can be practiced by anyone. You will be encouraged to work within your current limitations. 


Yin Yoga

Tuesday 6.30pm 

Accessible to all, floor based practice that encourages stillness using mindfulness meditation to still the mind. Great practice for soothing the nervous system and lubrication of soft tissues and joints.


These classes are specifically designed for men. Here we pay extra attention to the areas of shoulders, lower back and hips. Each class finishes with deep relaxation.

Start (or continue!) your yoga journey in this friendly and relaxed environment, in a small group at beginner level. 

This class is designed to prevent injuries and release pain in the body allowing for increase performance.
It also calms your mind to destress, increase presence and concentration, soothe your nervous system, open up your body and release tension.

Learn to utilize the breath and move through yoga poses in a mindful manner, increase endurance and strength and build awareness.

Yoga For Men

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