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Our Story

Bay Yoga Education Trust is a charitable trust, a not-for-profit community organisation and most of the fee you pay goes directly to the teacher. The rest of your fee is used to pay for the rent and heat of the space. Our community have co-created this space with kind donations of equipment, art and fabrics. 


Bay Yoga wishes to keep serving this community as best we can and we would love to do this from a bigger space one day. Please let us know of anywhere you think would work for our yoga community to move to that is close to Commercial Street Takaka. 

We would love to know if we can serve you better and take your feedback and requests seriously, if you have some for us please email or to be anonymous, please post a letter under our door. 

Who We Are

Your Local Yoga & Meditation Experts


Debora O'Callaghan

Yoga Teacher, Acro Yoga Teacher, Massage Therapist, Director, Trustee

Yoga is for me a journey of healing body and mind. My teachings focus on addressing and integrating all layers of the individual. Using empathy and intuition, knowledge & experience, I address specific needs of the individual as well as the class as a whole. I invite students to develop sensitivity towards their body’s sensations, a quality of observation that is non-judgmental and equanimous which I believe is the first step toward transformation. My yoga classes are regenerating and restorative while at the same time offer opportunity for a deep journey of transformation physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually.

I completed my first Yoga teacher training and Yoga Therapy Training 11 years ago in Nepal, it was a 6 months journey at Arogya Ashram in Kathmandu, Nepal. Since then, it has been an amazing journey of integrating Ancient Indian scripture about self-knowledge (Vedanta) into the yoga of life and yoga asana.  

Over the years I have explored different styles of Yoga Asana including a Yin Yoga teacher training with Nico Luce. I teach regular weekly classes of Vinyasa and Yin yoga.

   In my own words, yoga is a science of bypassing the mind to tap into the self-healing intelligence of the body. It’s a meditative movement practice where breath awareness is key to creating a connection with the self. Through yoga asana we connect to a deeper layer of ourselves and the true nature of who we are.


Sheila Kennard

Yoga Teacher

I trained with Chaitanya Deva at Kindred Studio in Nelson in 2018, when I was 63. I quickly realised that my ideal yoga class is one that is inclusive and available to everyone, no matter their experience and ability. I went on to study online with Kristine Weber of Subtle Yoga, incorporating her gentle methods into my teaching, focusing on the interoceptive delights on going within and truly feeling what is happening in the body and mind throughout the practice.

I particularly love restorative yoga, holding the space for people to journey within through music, poetry and essential oils.

I also teach chair yoga to those who are not able to practice on the floor, whether through age, injury, a dislike or perhaps fearing they may not get up off the floor once down. The aim of chair yoga is to increase body awareness and assist with balance, strength and stability, and of course fun.

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Kerryn Easterbrook

Yoga Teacher

I discovered yoga 22 years ago and it has been an important part of my life ever since.  Since moving to Golden Bay I have been very fortunate to have Doris as my yoga teacher for the last 10 years. Through her encouragement I began teaching Ashtanga yoga 4 years ago.
I really enjoy sharing yoga with others so completed my Yoga Teaching Training 200 hour level in 2017. This is in the style of Hatha Yoga and it is what I offer in the Sunday Beginners Yoga classes.
I enjoy sharing with others the sense of peace, wellness, flexibility, health and over all well being that comes from incorporating yoga into our lives.  I look forward to meeting you and invite you to come along to my classes which are taught in an encouraging and supportive environment.

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Toni Hutton

Yoga Teacher, Wilderness Guide

I am passionate about our connection with ourselves, with others, with our environment and our truth…and great food!

I discovered yoga 15 years ago and since then have been practicing various modalities: Hatha, Iyengar, Yin, Bikram and Vinyasa Flow. I love this yogic journey and am always deepening my understanding of the history, philosophy, anatomy and mindfulness aspects of yoga as well as recognising the physical benefits. I also have a vast appreciation of different teacher’s offerings. A special teacher of Insight Meditation came into my life 5 years ago, offering clarity which led to great changes in my life. I feel so lucky and grateful and love the life that I live.

Early 2016 I completed my Level 1 Teacher Training 200hr certification with Golden Flow Yoga, and have been actively teaching since then at Bay Yoga, for retreats, teacher training immersions, private sessions and weekly classes in the local business community. I have also been greatly honoured to join the faculty of Golden Flow Yoga, training new teachers in the Golden Flow methodology of Level 1 asana.

After an opportunity-filled financial career in Auckland and London, I made my happy home by the sea, in beautiful Golden Bay. Here I grow food, tend chickens, keep bees, ranger the Heaphy Track, wilderness guide & teach yoga. 


 Ali Tylee

Yoga Teacher

Alexandra (Ali) grew up in central North Island of New Zealand on a farm where her creative seeds were grown. In her early teenage years she went abroad to study dance and kept going to make it her career. In her mid twenties she took a break and went on a self healing journey.  Immersing in an intensive 12 week Hatha 500 hr TTC with Krishna Sikhwal in Rishikesh, India. Yin Yoga found her in Amsterdam teaching at The Conscious Club in 2016. The Satyananda lineage found her on return to New Zealand, training in restorative and Yoga Nidra at Anahata Yoga Retreat under Swami Karma Karuna. As a long term resident at the Anahata community she consciously birthed 'Dance of the Elements' workshops and later 'Ballet in the Bay' classes.
Currently based in the Bay, Ali continues to be passionate about teaching both dance and yoga in many different forms. The more flexibility of form, the more expansion for creativity to breed and ripple out to all.

Yoga Teacher


Juliette is a certified Embodied Flow™ facilitator and Yoga teacher trainer with seven years teaching experience in Australia, New Zealand, Bali and Europe.

Embodied Flow™ is a system of yoga that draws from the discoveries of hatha, tantric and somatic movement systems to experience the living art of yoga. 


I am motivated by the tenderness of human life. It's haunting and beautiful this human thing. No one gets out alive, and not without acquiring a scratch or two along the way (understatement!). 

That each of us suffers and that each of us also, despite our suffering has, or rather IS, THE doorway into our own unlimited unbound love and freedom, this is profoundly fascinating to me. 

I know we all need and deserve support, care and empowerment, if I can add that value to the lives of others through my fascination with yogic teachings and somatic therapies than I get to sip sweet satisfaction this life time. 

I would love to share with you the tools I have gathered on my path and explore with you the beautiful questions that keep me curious and present with the life I am given.

Juliette McConachy

Yoga Teacher


Tal Satya Batzir

Yoga Teacher

Tal Satya completed her yoga training in the Bahamas in 2016 and has 10 years experience as a practitioner.

Tal Satya is teaching Shivananda Yoga which is a traditional Hatha yoga class, suitable for all levels and backgrounds .

The class is a great opportunity for those who seek to take a break and enjoy a gentle and relaxing movement with some extra optional challenging variations on the mat.

In the class we will be focusing a lot on our breath and learn how to move our bodies using our breath as a tool to enhance awareness throughout the different Asanas.

All you need in order to join the class is YOURSELF.

see you on the mats!

Om om om

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